Our People


I am a Moratuwa native and naturally very much a part of the sporty, happy, creative, musical Moratuwa culture.

My alma mater is Prince of Wales’ College, a venerable institution founded in 1876 by Sir Charles Henry de Soysa, a famous 19th century Sri Lankan philanthropist.

I am a peoples’ man, an Acupuncturist, stress Counsellor, business owner and a final year psychology student. I believe people are the biggest asset and team work is a sure way to success – together we are better.

Moratuwa and woodwork go hand in hand. It’s the occupation of choice for many generations.  We are trying to take the local woodwork industry to the next level, nationally and internationally.

Woodees is the first small step towards that long walk.   Talk to us and help us get there, be a part of this adventure.

At Woodees we deliver the promise.


I am born and bred in Moratuwa. My family are wood workers like everyone else in my town.

Wood work is natural to me and I am passionate about it.

My schooling was at Our Lady of Victories Convent (OLV) where I completed the GCE Advanced examination. I have since completed the AAT (association of accounting technicians) final exam.

I have been with Woodees since its formation three years ago.  Currently I am playing an all-round role at Woodees in administration, team leadership, accounting, procurement, product design, pricing and sales too.

At Woodees we believe in trust, value and durability.

Christopher  , the chief carpenter 

Born and bred in Moratuwa , a life time of carpentry and a grand father at 66.  Chris is a doer and he makes things happen. Anything in wood he pretty much knows it and done it.